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Beginner Class
A good place to start for BEGINNERs or those REFRESHING their basics.

I,II,III,IV - CORE classes. These should be taken in SEQUENTIAL order.

Int/Adv - Intermediate or Advanced. These should be taken AFTER completing all CORE classes.

Master - Master class. These classes REQUIRE instructor APPROVAL.

Four 55-minute sessions that are typically spread out over four consecutive weeks. On occasion, they may be condensed, two sessions into two weeks.

55-minute sessions that can be scheduled one at a time, back to back, on one day or consecutive days.

Special Programs
Are typically priced in a more unique fashion. May include bootcamps, visiting instructors, or any other special class formats.

ATTENTION: Please note that Saturday and Monday classes are THREE-Week Series classes; rather than 4-Week Series.  Workshop pricing applies.  

The MayI Studio - 5246 N. Elston, Chicago, IL

Series (4-weeks)

Sep 14 - 28:
in room # 1
  • 6pm Hustle IV
  • Description: Final class in the core. Complete this class to be ready for the int/adv level, or review fundamentals that you learned before. More technique, styling, and patterns such as Triangle Wrap, Barrel Roll, Hustle Whip Inside, Hip Catch, and more.

    in room # 2
  • 6pm Salsa II
  • Description: Continue building your Salsa with technique and patterns such as the Pump & Up, Closed Cross Body Lead, Release, Open Break Turn, Waterfall Combo, and Cross Body Lead Turns.


    Sep 14:
    in room # 1
  • 7 - 9pm Salsa On 1, On 2, Mambo, What Are They Talking About? (Int/Adv)
  • Description: If you've been out dancing at the clubs enough, been to congressos or Salsa conventions, or just traveled to other cities for Salsa, you've probably been asked "Do you dance on 1 or 2?" Even if you thought you knew what that meant, you may have been surprised to find that it can mean different things to different dancers. Rhythm differences, regional differences, and even philosophical differences can make navigating the salsa dance floor challenging. This workshop introduces you to the differences and similarities between all the most common styles of Salsa. Make sense of it all, and learn how to do the common steps in several styles.

  • 8pm Hustle Mastery Workshop (Mastery)
  • Description: For Hustle Mastery-Level dancers only. Content and topics will vary each class and will focus on challenging the best social hustle dancers to broaden their technique, styling, patterns, musicality, dynamics, and understanding of Hustle.

  • 9pm Argentine Tango Connections Workshop (Int/Adv)
  • Description: Perfect that connection that is uniquely part of Argentine Tango. Both leads and follows will learn and practice the nuances that make this dance so intoxicating and satisfying.

    Sep 14 & 21:
    in room # 1
  • 7pm West Coast Swing Making the Connection (Int/Adv)
  • Description: Get into the fine details of connection that are absolutely essential to WCS. Using analogies, fun exercises, tools, and drills, we'll build good habits and muscle memory. Even those that have been dancing WCS for awhile will benefit from making sure you haven't built bad habits. Learn the secrets to the unique WCS connection.

  • 9pm Hustle Partner Swapping (Mastery)
  • Description: May I cut in? Leads will learn how to jump in and "steal" a follow from another lead at the right moment and with smooth and fluid transitions. Follows will learn how to react and facilitate this fun social dance phenomenon sometimes called "hot-boxing."

    Sep 21:
    in room # 1
  • 7pm Salsa Introduction to Shines & Solo Footwork (Int/Adv)
  • Description: All the standard and common shines (fancy footwork) will be introduced in this class. This class will build your salsa chops, help your timing, styling, and expression. The shines learned in this class are perfect for those breakaway moments on the dancefloor, as well as useful for playful partnered patterns. Advanced shines and footwork build off of these, so start right! This is not a partnered class, but it will improve your partner dancing.

  • 8pm Salsa Fun With Turns & Hand Tosses (Int/Adv)
  • Description: A hot trend on the salsa scene, patterns with hand tosses can make a follow look extra sassy and playful, while the lead looks cool and confident.

  • 9pm Argentine Tango Int/Adv Variations & Combinations (Int/Adv)
  • Description: There are over 50 additional Int/Adv combinations in our curriculum. This workshop will be different every time it's offered, typically covering 2 to 4 combinations each hour. Repeat this class often to learn many patterns.

    in room # 3
  • 8pm Hustle Mastery Variations & Combinations (Mastery)
  • Description: There are over 150 additional advanced-mastery patterns and combinations in our curriculum. They are designated as Mastery-level because of the advanced movement, flow, and technique required to execute them. This workshop will be different every time it's offered, typically covering 2 to 4 advanced combinations each hour. Repeat this class often to learn many of these patterns.


  • 10pm Argentine Tango & Milonga Practica
  • Description: Only $5 per person, Come practice in a comfortable studio setting. Drop in basis.


    Series (4-weeks)

    Sep 1 - 22:
    in room # 1
  • 6pm West Coast Swing I
  • Description: Learn this amazing contemporary style of swing. It's been exploding in popularity worldwide as people discover it's versatility, musicality, and sexy styling via the thousands of YouTube clips and dance TV shows. WCS is the most popular dance at our studio, and for good reason! Get started with the basic technique, connection, and patterns such as the Underarm Turn, Push Break, Side Pass, Starter, and Throwout.

  • 7pm Salsa Favorite Popular Patterns (Int/Adv)
  • Description: Upper level technique and patterns such as RBT variations, Loop CBLT, Waiter Turn Combo, Paddle Spin, Sombrero, and more.

  • 8pm West Coast Swing lll
  • Description: Build your WCS with technique, styling, and patterns such as the Outside Whip, Hand Change Side Pass, Sugar Tuck, Left Side Roll, and more.

  • 9pm Zouk II
  • Description: Build on the fundamentals, polish the look and feel, and learn some new steps.

    in room # 2
  • 6pm Cha Cha III
  • Description: More fundamental technique, styling, and patterns like Double Turns, Cross Body Lead Turns, Chase, Barrel Rolls, and Stop & Gos.

  • 7pm West Coast Swing Tucking Fun (Int/Adv)
  • Description: Learn several useful and fancy patterns and combinations using tuck variations.

  • 8pm West Coast Swing Stylishly Simple & Smooth Patterns (Int/Adv)
  • Description: Learn several fancy patterns in a fun and easy way. Technique, connection and styling will be included as you learn patterns such as the Rib Tickle Pass, Strut Whip variations, Cuddle Duck, Whip Overcoat Slide, Head Loop, and more.

  • 9pm Salsa III
  • Description: More fundamentals and patterns such as Hammerlock Unwind, Half Closed CBL, Shoulder CBLT, Free Spin, and Barrel Roll.


    Series (4-weeks)

    Sep 2 - 23:
    in room # 1
  • 6pm Waltz I
  • Description: Get started with this elegant dance perfect for many contemporary slow songs as well as the classics. Learn connection and patterns such as the Box, Progressive, Hesitations, Slow Turn, Promenade, and more.

  • 7pm Salsa I
  • Description: Start your Salsa dance adventures here. Fundamentals and patterns like the Basics, Right Break Turn, Waterfall, Cross Body Lead, and more.

    in room # 2
  • 6pm West Coast Swing II
  • Description: Continue learning more fundamentals, technique and patterns such as the Tuck, Basket, Whip, Inside Whip, and more.

  • 7pm Tango Favorites & Fancy (Int/Adv)
  • Description:

    Build your Tango skills with new moves, styling, and technique.  A mix of classic and new patterns to up your dance!

  • 8pm Rumba Cuba Libre (Int/Adv)
  • Description: Upper level technique and patterns such as Hand to Hand, Butterfly, and several Crossover variations.

  • 9pm Argentine Tango Boleo Variations (Int/Adv)
  • Description: Learn several variations of the Boleo, the correct technique, connection, and how to use them in your Argentine Tango.

    Special Programs

    Sep 2 - Nov 25:
    in room # 1
  • 8 - 10pm Foxtrot Performance Class (Int/Adv)
  • Description: Join a group of talented peers and learn a fully choreographed routine. Have the opportunity to perform with the troupe in front of an audience, possibly even a showcase, dance event or convention. More than just learning cool moves and choreography, you'll learn how to be an effective performer, look good, have more discipline in your dance, and you'll have an experience you'll remember for the rest of your life working on this team project.

    Additional Prerequisites: Instructor approval required.


    Series (4-weeks)

    Sep 3 - 24:
    in room # 1
  • 6pm Waltz II
  • Description: Continue with more technique and patterns such as the Corner Step, Left Box with Underarm Turn, and Twinkle variations.

  • 7pm Hustle II
  • Description: Continue with technique and patterns such as the Cross Body Lead, Hammerlock variations, CBL Turn, and more.

  • 8pm West Coast Swing IV
  • Description: Add more fundamental connection, technique, styling, and patterns such as the Tuck Throwout, Barrel Roll, Sugar Tuck Double, Fold, Yo Yo, Free Spin, and more.

    in room # 2
  • 7pm Salsa Classic Patterns (Int/Adv)
  • Description: Upper level technique and patterns such as Turnstile, Stop & Go, CBL Fake, Lasso variations, Behind Back.

    Special Programs

    Sep 3 - 24:
    in room # 1
  • 8 - 10pm West Coast Swing Advaced Styling & Syncopations (Int/Adv)
  • Description: West Coast Swing int/adv. special program.



    Dance Lessons & Parties every Friday!

    1st, 3rd, & 5th Fridays. Dance to a great mix of Salsa, West Coast Swing, Lindy, Hustle, Latin, & Ballroom music.

    2nd & 4th Fridays. A night devoted entirely to ballroom music including Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Rumba, Swing, Cha Cha, & more.


    Series (4-weeks)

    Sep 12 - 26:
    in room # 1
  • 10am East Coast Swing I
  • Description: Great class for those new to dancing, as well as to review what you may have learned before. Technique and patterns such as outside turn, she goes, he goes, belt loop, cuddle, closed basic, double hand basic, throwout and return.

  • 11am Salsa IV
  • Description: Learn more fundamental patterns, styling and technique and put it all together so you can make the jump to intermediate-advanced.

    Additional Prerequisites: Salsa III

  • 12pm Argentine Tango Molinete Variations (Int/Adv)
  • Description: Learn several variations of the Molinete pattern, the correct technique, connection, and how to use them in your Argentine Tango.


    Series (4-weeks)

    Sep 6 - 27:
    in room # 1
  • 4pm Intro to Ballroom Dancing
  • Description: Anyone can dance! Learn the basic steps in several popular ballroom dances like Waltz, Foxtrot, and Tango. This easy and fun class will build your confidence on the dance floor in no time!


    Sep 13:
    in room # 1
  • 1pm Merengue Hot & Steamy
  • Description: Bring your own partner for this R-rated class, or rotate and be willing to dance with anyone, and like it. Turn up the heat with intimate moves appropriate for the nightclub.

    Additional Prerequisites: Some merengue or latin dance recommended.

  • 2 - 4pm Triple/Double Two-Step Basics
  • Description: Double Two Step travels around the floor like Country Two Step and uses a triple-step rhythm like East Coast Swing. Mostly danced to Country tunes, it's usually slower tempo than Country Two Step music. Triple Two-Step is almost the same dance, but it incorporates some additional connection and lead/follow techniques that add sharpness and styling. Get a taste of Double Two-Step in this workshop.

    Additional Prerequisites: Int/Adv Level Country Two Step or East Coast Swing; or Polka Core.

    Sep 27:
    in room # 1
  • 1pm Modern & Contemporary Dance
  • Description: Expand your repertoire and body awareness by learning some modern and contemporary steps and movement. These concepts and skills can improve your partner dancing. New steps and movements covered each class.

  • 2pm Foxtrot Timing Skills & Drills (Int/Adv)
  • Description: Foxtrot patterns come in six-count, eight-count, and several other varieties. Are you keeping the slows and quicks straight? Are you falling off beat? This workshop will explore the 3 most common reasons dancers get off-beat and how to fix it. Follows will learn to fix the main error they may be guilty of that prevents their leads from staying on beat.

  • 3pm Nightclub Two-Step Syncopated Turns & Spins to Enhance Your Patterns (Mastery)
  • Description: Add multiple spins & Syncopated rhythms to several standard patterns to make them more advanced and exciting. Learn how to use these to build dynamics and musicality.


    Swing Dance Lessons & Parties every Sunday!

    Every Sunday! Learn some West Coast Swing & Hustle moves, then dance to Blues, R&B, Hip Hop, Jazz, & pop music.

    The Willowbrook Ballroom - 8900 S. Archer Avenue, Willow Springs, IL


    Salsa Nights at the Willowbrook Ballroom!

    Every Wednesday! Learn some basic through advanced Salsa moves, then dance to Salsa, Bachata, Cha Cha, & more.