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Beginner Class
A good place to start for BEGINNERs or those REFRESHING their basics.

I,II,III,IV - CORE classes. These should be taken in SEQUENTIAL order.

Int/Adv - Intermediate or Advanced. These should be taken AFTER completing all CORE classes.

Master - Master class. These classes REQUIRE instructor APPROVAL.

Four 55-minute sessions that are typically spread out over four consecutive weeks. On occasion, they may be condensed, two sessions into two weeks.

55-minute sessions that can be scheduled one at a time, back to back, on one day or consecutive days.

Special Programs
Are typically priced in a more unique fashion. May include bootcamps, visiting instructors, or any other special class formats.

It's MayI Month!  To celebrate our Anniversary we're having these once annual special prices for MAY classes only!  CLICK HERE for full details.

$30 classes for the following select classes (must sign up at least 5 days in advance, otherwise regular price):  Nightclub Two Step I,  Country Two Step I, Hustle 1, Tango I, Cumbia I, Waltz I

3 Group Lesson Series for $100, each additional $25, must sign up 5 days in advance, register for all classes at once, and standard pricing policies apply.
Monthly Pass - $199. Standard rules apply.
Free Friends Fridays - select dates.
The MayI Studio - 5246 N. Elston, Chicago, IL

Series (4-weeks)

May 2 - 23:
in room # 1
  • 6pm West Coast Swing I
  • Description: Learn this amazing contemporary style of swing. It's been exploding in popularity worldwide as people discover it's versatility, musicality, and sexy styling via the thousands of YouTube clips and dance TV shows. WCS is the most popular dance at our studio, and for good reason! Get started with the basic technique, connection, and patterns such as the Underarm Turn, Push Break, Side Pass, Starter, and Throwout.

  • 7pm Hustle I
  • Description: Get started with Hustle, or review what you have learned before. This class will cover technique, connection, and patterns like the Hesitation, Turning Basic, She Goes, He Goes variations, Throwout-Return, and more.

    in room # 2
  • 6pm Argentine Tango II
  • Description: Continue with this class where you will learn patterns like the Continuous Cruzada, Cross Salida, Parada Forward Ocho, Back Ocho Cruzada, Parada Back Ocho with Forward Ocho End, and more.

  • 7pm Argentine Tango Gancho Variations (Int/Adv)
  • Description: Learn several variations of the Gancho, the correct technique, connection, and how to use them in your Argentine Tango.

  • 8pm West Coast Swing Intro to Syncopated & Varied Patterns (Int/Adv)
  • Description: Change up your footwork and make your basics look fancy. Learn the connection, technique and steps to make this happen using moves like forward checks, swivels, crosses, grapevines, voltas, and glide.

  • 9pm Argentine Tango Milonga Style Fundamentals, Gancho & Cortado (Int/Adv)
  • Description: Milonga is one of the 3 common styles in the Argentine Tango family. Learn the rhythm, technique, style, and patterns that make Milonga a vital part of being a well-rounded Argentine Tango dancer. Learn extra patterns like the Gancho & Cortado.

    Special Programs

    May 2 - 23:
    in room # 1
  • 8 - 10pm Hustle Mastery Bootcamp (Mastery)
  • Description:

    Audition/Invitation only.


  • 10pm Argentine Tango & Milonga Practica
  • Description: Only $5 per person, Come practice in a comfortable studio setting. Drop in basis.


    Series (4-weeks)

    May 3 - 24:
    in room # 1
  • 6pm Nightclub Two-Step I
  • Description: Start your Nightclub Two-Step adventure here, or review what you have learned before. Learn technique and patterns like the Basic, Underarm Turns, Left Turning Basic, Crossovers, and more.

    in room # 2
  • 6pm Bachata III
  • Description: Continue building your Bachata fundamentals with new patterns, technique and styling. This class builds on Bachata I & II and prepares you for the Intermediate-Advanced level.

  • 7pm Salsa Back Spot Turn Combinations (Int/Adv)
  • Description: Integrate this technique and movement into your combinations. Follows will learn how to react, connect, move, and style--while the leads will learn several spot turn patterns and impressive combinations.

  • 8pm Hustle Yo Yo Wraps (Int/Adv)
  • Description: Upper level technique and patterns such as the Sweetheart Slip, Sliding Door, Twin Cities, Yo Yo variations, and more.

  • 9pm West Coast Swing IV
  • Description: Add more fundamental connection, technique, styling, and patterns such as the Tuck Throwout, Barrel Roll, Sugar Tuck Double, Fold, Yo Yo, Free Spin, and more.


    May 31:
    in room # 1
  • 6pm Spins & Turns Workshop (Int/Adv)
  • Description: Break down the proper technique and get valuable tips on how to perfect your right and left break turns. Single, double, and multiple turns will be covered. These turns are common in all Latin, Swing, and Modern Hustle dances for both leads and follows. Also learn the proper connection and lead.

  • 7pm Ladies Latin Styling (Int/Adv)
  • Description: Move your body, feet, legs, arms, hands, and head in that sexy way to enhance all of your Latin dances. This class will cover new and different movements and styling each time it's offered, so repeat this class as often as you'd like. These moves and styling can be applied to your Salsa, Cha Cha, Rumba, Bachata, Mambo and more!

  • 8pm Zouk Basics Intensive for Advanced Dancers
  • Description: Crash Course in Zouk for those already experienced in other social dances. Not for new dancers, but rather those already skilled in partnering, connection, turns, and learning patterns quickly.

    Additional Prerequisites: Must be an Int/Adv dancer in at least one social dance.

    Special Programs

    May 3 - Jun 21:
    in room # 1
  • 7 - 8:30pm Hustle Bootcamp III (Int/Adv)
  • Description: Building on Bootcamp II, this Intense program is invite/audition only in order to gather students that will thrive in a demanding and fast-paced class environment. Successful candidates should have already taken Hustle Bootcamp I or regular private lessons. Material covered is a cross-section of topics from other classes, but usually in a more focused and challenging way, with extra options for styling and technique.

    Additional Prerequisites: Hustle Bootcamp I & II or equivalent. Instructor approval required.

  • 8:30 - 10pm West Coast Swing Boot Camp III: Styling and Footwork (Int/Adv)
  • Description: Build on Boot Camp II with more challenging technique, styling, connection, variations, and patterns. Share this demanding and fast-paced experience with other talented and hard-working dancers.

    Additional Prerequisites: Successful completion of WCS Boot Camp II or equivalent, as well as instructor approval.

    May 10 & 31:
    in room # 1
  • 10pm Zouk Zouk Practica
  • Description: $5 1 hour practica.

    Additional Prerequisites: some zouk


    Series (4-weeks)

    May 4 - 25:
    in room # 1
  • 6pm Waltz IV
  • Description: Perfect your basics and add more patterns and styling to your Waltz

    Additional Prerequisites: Waltz III

  • 7pm Foxtrot I've Got My Spiral To Keep Me Warm (Int/Adv)
  • Description: Upper level technique and patterns such as progressive change steps, spiral, back twinkle, double promenade turn, and more.

  • 8pm Salsa II
  • Description: Continue building your Salsa with technique and patterns such as the Pump & Up, Closed Cross Body Lead, Release, Open Break Turn, Waterfall Combo, and Cross Body Lead Turns.

  • 9pm Hustle II
  • Description: Continue with technique and patterns such as the Cross Body Lead, Hammerlock variations, CBL Turn, and more.

    in room # 2
  • 6pm Bachata Reverse Turns (Int/Adv)
  • Description: Learn patterns including reverse turn movements.

  • 7pm Salsa Turn Checks & Reverses (Int/Adv)
  • Description: Cross Body Lead Turns with various checks, redirects and movement through the slot. Follows learn styling options and improve their spins, while Leads learn several cool variations to use on the dancefloor.

  • 8pm Rumba On the Rocks (Int/Adv)
  • Description: Upper level technique and patterns such as the Pinwheel, Shadow Breaks, Turkish Towel, Open Side Breaks, and the Infinity Turn.

  • 9pm Argentine Tango Molinete Variations (Int/Adv)
  • Description: Learn several variations of the Molinete pattern, the correct technique, connection, and how to use them in your Argentine Tango.


    Series (4-weeks)

    May 5 - 26:
    in room # 1
  • 6pm Waltz I
  • Description: Get started with this elegant dance perfect for many contemporary slow songs as well as the classics. Learn connection and patterns such as the Box, Progressive, Hesitations, Slow Turn, Promenade, and more.

  • 7pm West Coast Swing II
  • Description: Continue learning more fundamentals, technique and patterns such as the Tuck, Basket, Whip, Inside Whip, and more.

  • 8pm Salsa I
  • Description: Start your Salsa dance adventures here. Fundamentals and patterns like the Basics, Right Break Turn, Waterfall, Cross Body Lead, and more.

  • 9pm Country Two-Step I
  • Description: Perfect place to start with Country Two Step, or review what you have learned before. Covers technique, connection and patterns such as basic walk, promenade, inside cuddle, sweetheart, closed, change of places, and more.

    in room # 2
  • 6pm Foxtrot II
  • Description: Continue with more fundamental technique and patterns such as the turning box, zig zag, twinkle, sway, and dip.

  • 7pm Country Two-Step Int/Adv Sampler & Amalgamations (Int/Adv)
  • Description: Learn variations from many of the Int/Adv Country Two-Step classes and new ways to put them together in fun and fancy amalgamations.

  • 8pm West Coast Swing Hooks, Lunges & Simple Tricks (Int/Adv)
  • Description: Upper level technique and patterns such as the tuck and hook, hook and return, lunge, roll to run, and more.

  • 9pm West Coast Swing Whip It Good (Int/Adv)
  • Description: Add these fancy whip variations to your repertoire. Patterns may include Extended Stalker, Continuous Inside, Basket & Reverse, Snap, Lead's Basket, Left Side, and more.



    Dance Lessons & Parties every Friday!

    1st, 3rd, & 5th Fridays. Dance to a great mix of Salsa, West Coast Swing, Lindy, Hustle, Latin, & Ballroom music.

    2nd & 4th Fridays. A night devoted entirely to ballroom music including Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Rumba, Swing, Cha Cha, & more.


    Series (4-weeks)

    May 7 - 28:
    in room # 1
  • 10am Cha Cha III
  • Description: More fundamental technique, styling, and patterns like Double Turns, Cross Body Lead Turns, Chase, Barrel Rolls, and Stop & Gos.

  • 11am Cumbia & Street-Style Salsa I
  • Description: Cumbia is a Latin dance done at Salsa clubs and venues where the music has Mexican and Columbian influences. Along with Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, and Cha Cha, Cumbia rounds out the Latin Club dancer's repertoire and will keep them in high demand and on the dance floor all night. Cumbia shares the same steps, patterns, and rhythm as Street-Style Salsa, only the styling is a little different. You'll get a two for one in our workshop as both Salsa and Cumbia styling will be covered.

  • 12pm Salsa IV
  • Description: Learn more fundamental patterns, styling and technique and put it all together so you can make the jump to intermediate-advanced.

    Additional Prerequisites: Salsa III

    in room # 2
  • 12pm Tango I
  • Description: Ballroom-style Tango is an easy, dramatic, and fun dance to learn. Get started with technique and patterns such as the Basic, Corte, Promenade, Fan, and more.


    May 7 - 28:
    in room # 1
  • 1pm Foxtrot Flip Flops From Heaven (Int/Adv)
  • 3-week series!  No class May 21st.  Pricing is $45 standard and $39 early bird.



    Description: Upper level technique and patterns such as Open Flip Flops, Promenade Pivot, Turning Twinkle, Fan, CBL, and more.

    Special Programs

    May 28:
    in room # 1
  • 5pm Date Night Dance Class: Party Dances
  • Beginner dancers welcome!  MUST register with a partner.  $45 if registered by 5/13; $55 standard price per couple. 


    Description: Learn easy steps of various dances, using a close and intimate hold and styling. Couples Only for this fun class. Getting ready for a wedding, party, or just want a unique and perfect way to start a date night with someone special? Impress your date with a dance class!


    Series (4-weeks)

    May 1 - 29:
    in room # 1
  • 3pm Salsa Classic Patterns (Int/Adv)
  • Description: Upper level technique and patterns such as Turnstile, Stop & Go, CBL Fake, Lasso variations, Behind Back.

  • 4pm Zouk IV
  • Description: Refine your fundamentals and learn new patterns and variations.

    Additional Prerequisites: Zouk III

  • 5pm Zouk High Flying (Int/Adv)
  • Description:

    Zouk getting fancy with these Intermediate-Advanced Patterns like the Tilted Progressive, Airplane, Helicopter and much more.


    May 1:
    in room # 1
  • 1pm Peabody Basics
  • Description: The pre-cursor to Quickstep, this jovial dance is mainly done to music from the Charleston era. Fun workshop to add a unique dance to your bag of tricks. Get a taste of the basics in this workshop.

    Additional Prerequisites: Foxtrot Int/Adv Level highly recommended.

  • 2pm Paso Doble Basics
  • Description: A cousin of Flamenco, this Ballroom dance is most often seen on the competitive or show dance floor. However, it makes a fun and dramatic social dance too. Learn the steps and styling that will get you noticed on the dance floor! Get a taste of the basics in this workshop.

    May 8:
    in room # 1
  • 1 - 3pm West Coast Swing Footwork & Syncopations Motion Study Applied to Patterns (Int/Adv)
  • Description:

    Learn & drill a line-dance using WCS style footwork and syncopations.  Great for your technique and polish.  Then, apply several of these to your partnered patterns.

    May 15:
    in room # 1
  • 1pm Pachanga Basics
  • Description: The eccentric uncle to Mambo & Salsa, Pachanga is danced to similar music and has a similar rhythm and structure to Mambo, but includes more whimsical steps using swivels, kicks, and walks. Some have described it as the Charleston of Latin dances. It can be danced with a partner, but it's most commonly danced as shines. Add these fun steps to your Mambo, Salsa, Cha Cha, and Bachata.

  • 2pm Quebradita Basics
  • Description: A lively dance popular in Mexican culture, some have described it as a cross between Merengue, Cumbia, and Country Western. The lead holds the follow close around the hips and dance steps characterized with a lot of bouncing and kicks. It looks like a joyful cowboy dance, and can picture the dancers yelling a Spanish "Yee Ha."

    May 29:
    in room # 1
  • 1 - 3pm Hustle Core Review Intensive (Int/Adv)
  • Description:

    Do you have all the core material mastered? Hustle core classes will be reviewed in this intense session where you can work some of the bugs out as well as get a reality check of your dancing. Even advanced dancers can benefit to make sure they've been dancing correctly. Students can also use this to determine which core classes they should consider repeating or supplementing with private lessons.


    Swing Dance Lessons & Parties every Sunday!

    Every Sunday! Learn some West Coast Swing & Hustle moves, then dance to Blues, R&B, Hip Hop, Jazz, & pop music.

    The Willowbrook Ballroom - 8900 S. Archer Avenue, Willow Springs, IL


    Salsa Nights at the Willowbrook Ballroom!

    Every Wednesday! Learn some basic through advanced Salsa moves, then dance to Salsa, Bachata, Cha Cha, & more.


    Special Programs

    May 21:
    in room # 1
  • 11 - 3:30pm West Coast Swing Basics Intensive
  • In this 4 hour intensive, you will learn many of the fundamental patterns and techniques so you can add this cool dance to your repertoire. $40 in advance (by noon the day before). $50 regular price. To register call the Willowbrook Ballroom at 708-839-1000. Bring lunch, we will take a 30 minute break. No partners necessary, we rotate. No refunds or exchanges. Workshops may be cancelled if we don't get a minimum enrollment. Professional dance instructor provided by Chicago's Best, May I Have This Dance!


    Check out YouTube to see this amazing dance that is one of the fastest growing in the world.  Not what you typically thing of as Swing dancing, West Coast is one of the most versatile, exciting, smooth, sexy, funky, and playful.  Perfect for contemporary pop, R&B, Blues, Country, Jazz, Acoustic ballads, and so much more, everyone who sees it wants to learn it.  Everyone who learns it gets addicted.